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Body Massages

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Abhyanga, 30 min – 2000 rub., 60 min – 3300 rub.

Abhyanga massage combines several health improving procedures in one:
classical massage and acupressure. Abhyanga works on all muscles of the body.
And in combination with oils and infusions it produces a therapeutic effect.

Shirodhara massage, 60 min, 4000 rub.

The procedure is performed in combination with head and body massage. Warm herbal oil is dribbling on the forehead with accompanying by a light massage of the head part and shoulder area.

The most common type of massage, which helps to improve health and maintain normal activity of the body. It has a calming effect.

The cost of the massage is 2000 rub., 3300 rub.

It promotes the saturation of skin cells with oxygen, improves skin structure and color.
Activates the body defenses, gives a feeling of freshness and cheerfulness.

Cost – 2000 rub., 3300 rub.

Helps relieve fatigue, reduce the excitability of the central nervous system, restore the body’s efficiency, helps cope with insomnia.

Cost — 3300 rub.

Pleasant relaxing massage, which will helps achieve harmony of body and soul.
Aromatic oils are used during the massage, which you can choose depending on your mood.

Cost — 3300 rub.

Sacs include about twelve varieties of herbs. Complex composition is able to relieve back and neck pains, to cope with severe migraines. A mild warming effect relieves stress and enables deep relaxation.

Cost — 4000 rub.

The method of anti-cellulite massage is aimed at comprehensive improvement of blood vessel walls, helps eliminate cellulite and excess fatty deposits.

Cost — 3300 rub.

Promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, increases endurance, helps prevent injury and prepares the body for maximum results.

Cost – 3800 rub.

Harmonious combination of unique massage techniques, natural essential oils and hot stones, promotes deep muscle relaxation.

Cost 3700 rub., 4700 rub.

Special back massage techniques allow relaxing muscles, relieving the body of pain and restoring freedom of movement.

Cost — 2000 rub.

It relaxes and helps the tired body to recover, relieves eye fatigue, strengthens the nervous system, improves sleep, and normalizes the hormonal background.

Cost — 1700 rub.

Body Care

Fragrant body care, 45 min, 2800 rub.

Peeling will make your skin firm and velvety. With finishing body mask.
You can choose any scrub fragrance.

Aroma peeling – 20 minutes, 1600 rub.

Skin care with natural essential oils. Enchanting aroma of essential oils makes this procedure comfortable and pleasant.

Foot care

“Light legs”, 45 min, 2500 rub.

This care will help to relieve tension and give lightness.
Soothing oil is applied at the end.

Traditional Thai massage, 30 min, 2000 rub.

Stimulation of certain points activates all internal organs.

Classical foot massage, 30 min, 2000 rub.

Massage of feet has a general therapeutic effect and beneficial effect on the whole organism.

Care with wrapping

This program is a unique SPA care, which in addition to relaxing action has a unique rejuvenating effect.

Cost — 5000 rub.

The procedure lifts and tones the skin, has a rejuvenating effect, moisturizes and nourishes it, making it unusually silky.

Cost — 5000 rub.

It helps cleanse the body, maintain skin elasticity in the process of slimming, remove excess fluid, reduce swelling, relieve stress.

Cost — 4800 rub.

The wrap covers the skin with beautiful reflections. Thanks to this exquisite care, the skin is nourished, moisturized, made firm and revitalized. It is especially recommended as a weekend treatment.

Cost — 4800 rub.

The wrap strengthens the skin, protects it from free radicals, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves elasticity and gives the skin inner radiance and uniform tone.

Cost — 5000 rub.

Bathroom rituals

A milk bath will make your skin gentle, firm, and give it a healthy look and pleasant color.

Cost — 1100 rub.

It saturates the body with all the necessary elements for normal life activities, the increased concentration of magnesium salts helps eliminate muscle spasms of stressful origin.

Cost — 1100 rub.
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