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Noorus SPA Hotel

More than 130 years have passed since a picturesque resort of Hungerburg–Ust’-Narva–Narva-Jõesuu emerged at the estuary of the Narva River. This place was blessed with such a combination of natural beauty that whenever people come here feeling exhausted, they always leave the place completely refreshed and keep on coming back again and again.
The modern Noorus SPA hotel, which was rebuilt in 2014, is located on the seashore and combines modern architectural solutions, impeccable service, comfort, and cosiness – all in all, everything to become a favourite resting place for many people.

Noorus SPA Inn

Noorus SPA Inn, which is located 100 metres away from a picturesque sandy beach, offers an opportunity to have a great vacation right on the coast of the Gulf of Finland in Narva-Jõesuu resort.
A large-scale renovation held in 2017 partly changed the look of the hotel, and new interior design has made it more modern and comfortable.
However, the mood that Noorus SPA Inn bestows to its visitors remains unchanged. The pine forest, warm sunny summers, the sea, and family happiness are the most unforgettable moments of life in Narva-Jõesuu.


Welcome to Strawberry Fields Golf club, a 72-hectare championship 18-hole Golf course created in cooperation with foreign colleagues and meeting the requirements of the most demanding golfers.

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