For moms-to-be and their babies

Our Hotel and positive lifestyle center Bright Life will share with you some of the most important moments in each family’s life,related to the birth and physical education of the baby.


In our SPA Complex there are classes for childrenaged 3 months to 7 years.

Early swimming (from 3 months to 4 years)
Adaptation groups
(2.5 to 5 years)
Swimming school
(4 to 7 years)

Come to classes on early swimming with your baby.
Feel the joy and delight of discovering and developing the opportunities given by nature together.

Baby massage “Sweet Cloud” 30 min, 1900 rub.

(from 6 to 12 years)

Early swimming

Exploration of the aquatic environment together with the parent. Classes are also suitable for the youngest of kids.
Lessons are held using stimulating material (toys, boards, pool noodles).
Aims and objectives are set depending on the age and abilities of a child.

Adaptation group

Specially developed program for children who are used to swimming with their mother, and the presence of a parent in the pool is still necessary for the child.
Participation of an adult in the class is minimal and more directed to the psychological comfort of the child. Such groups differ in the number of children in the class, 3-4 children.

Swimming school

Mastering initial swimming skills, setting up swimming techniques, exploring of the aquatic environment without the help of parents.
We can offer you both group and individual lessons.


All experts in preparation for childbirth talk about the benefits of water aerobics for pregnant women:
  • Regular training makes muscles stronger, releasing fatigue, which is quite common during pregnancy;
  • The pressure of water on the body makes its functioning easier:
    It improves the venous blood flow and blood pressure and reduces the work load of the heart, internal organs and spine of the mom-to-be;
  • Exercises in water improve the metabolism and nervous system (sleep improvement, stress relief).
Coach: Volkova Ulyana
Information and time reservation
by phone: +7 (921) 409-18-03
Days of the event: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday.
Cost of activities

Early swimming, Swimming School, Adaptation Group, Aqua aerobics for pregnant women, Individual training.

Trial training1000
One-time visit1300
Individual training2000
Split training (2 children)2800
4 activitiesValid for 5 weeks4800
8 activitiesValid for 10 weeks8800
Family 2 children + 2 adults (4 activities for each child)Valid for 5 weeks8800
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